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March 6th, 2009

Private paper journal @ 02:26 am

Hidding place: Writing Desk
On the surface: awake

May 10th, 2518

This morning first thing I got to checkin’ on the patients in the infirmary. Spoke with my Doc; Dori gave status reports on all the men’s health and battle wounds. I’d list them each, although sadly I’ve forgotten the specifics, although Dori mentioned the young man with the wooden leg, well broken wooden leg, was hurt the least. And the other two’s wounds were live threatening enough, but that they ought to heal just fine having been seen to. The bit of patching that the men had done on their own was likely what’d kept them alive. Not bleedin’ to death usually is awful helpful.

The ‘barrowed’ doctor off ah Serenity seemed to have been rather helpful to my misses fix-it, seemed that Dori had picked up the young man’s studied skill; I’d recognized the brother n’ sister after having finished my journaling late last night. Woulda gone to the Cortex to inquire on my suspicions, except I was dead-tired and needed sleep; static in my head was causing things to be a bit fuzzy. But after having lunch, write before settling down to write this. I went checking the current Wanted posters, Simon and River Tam. And I know damn well what Blue Sun Academy it was that the girl’s brother had taken her from. Good for him, he’d likely one of the bravest souls I’ve seen in a long while. Although it’s very possible he hasn’t even realized the danger he was in, besides moving against the Alliance, but the added threat of whom it is that runs that’d damn ‘program’. I hadn’t even known they’d started … I … Ugggg, I’m so angry I wanta take Lorrayna to that damn facility and blow the living shit out of it. I thought they’d been done with it. Fuckin’ Purple-bellies!

Obviously I’d done some digging around in Alliance and Blue Sun data systems. After reading what I had on Miss Tam and the warrants. The two are welcome to stay here long as they want, if ever Captain Reynolds gets sick of the cat n’ mouse with the law cause of having fugitives aboard. There welcome to stay here. Not that’d I’d even muttered word of it to the young doc, but I shall in due time. Simon seems a bit startled as it seems around my bunch; though don’t know why except maybe he’s just worrying about River. Less Walker had none or said something to him already. But don’t think she has, he’s really only been around Dori and the Patients. He’s kept to the infirmary and the room I gave him n’ his sister to share for the time being. He hadn’t even let River wander the ship, took her breakfast and lunch to the suite with himself.

Breakfast was its usual pleasantry, with the exception of Gwen, she was very MIA. I hadn’t found her preparing it, soo, I started it and Oddball came in to finish it off. I know he enjoys food all round, cookin’ and eaten it, so didn’t mind none. Took to feedin’ my babies, and finding out from Dori if the Patients would be awake enough to eat, or if I should just send food for her. Which, none of the men had woken as of yet, soo, was just Dori eating. Her and Simon been taking shifts watching over the patients it seems. I kinda fancy having to doctors on ship, gives Dori the chance to be else where on ship, and not always in the infirmary. If she chooses to that’d is, I think it’d do her some good to wander some place else. Maybe give her more time to spend with a certain lovely fool.

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March 27th, 2008

Private paper journal @ 12:40 am

Hidding place: Writing Desk
On the surface: drained

May 9th, 2518 -continued-

Alright I don’t know where to even start. Today was one of those days that I should have stayed in bed. Seriously! Alright, so we got to the ship with the injured men. And in fact it was the Doranin that Sentinus sent his Wave from. Well he actually sent it off his own smaller ship, Steel Hydra, which was in the Doranin’s cargo bay.

Upon scanning the ship and the area Ace detected another ship approaching, a Firefly-class transport. After hauling it, I learned that it was Serenity, captained by Malcolm Reynolds. A name I’ve heard before on occasion. We spoke briefly, seems he didn’t want me there, and I of course didn’t want him. But knowing his reputation, or at least knowing one of many versions of it. I informed him that there where men aboard the Doranin that would die without my promised assistance. He offered over his own crew’s assistance. How kind of him. Though, could see it in his eyes, and hear it in his voice. He had another reason for wanting to help. Though I don’t think it was a complete lie.

The Doranin had a few of her vital systems down, though none of the raiders remained on board. Captain Reynolds had his Engineer assist Akira in stabilizing and repairing of the ship. Since the life support and gravplating were offline; a bad combination for doing work. Found the injured men in the cargo bay on the Steel Hydra; which is now in my cargo bay. Spoke with Reynolds even more, and eventually got the full truth of the matter. Turns out he was hired by somebody on Persephone for basically the same job. Needless to say this doesn’t make me happy. And neither did it Reynolds when I told him that was also my original reason for being in the Burnham Quadrant.

Turns out Badger hired him. I’ve heard of Badger, and I don’t rightly work for the man. He often enough isn’t very trustworthy. Not that you know Pirate sorts are ether, but there is this sort of respect I require from those that hire me. And that man respects nothing beyond the credits in his pocket; which can be to advantage on some occasions, but again, not somebody I’d officially do business with. Sure I’d sell him stuff. I’m positive I could trick him out of pretty coin. But, I wouldn’t actually work for him. It’s just my personal preference. I don’t hold it none against Reynolds. You take jobs where you can get them; some folks need them more than others. Me n’ mine sit nicely for the most part considering most civilian ships. So really I should let Reynolds take the object, which I learned today is a golden sphere, Reynolds even had a shiny picture of it on a data book. BUT, thing is I gave my word to Roland; which, once given, won’t be broken. Although he does have a few things to say for; like not giving me all the facts, not telling me that others were after it. Sure he might have hinted, but actually forewarning me would have been lovely.

The injured men were taken to Lorrayna’s infirmary. And Captain Reynolds offered over his ship’s medic to assist with the caring of the three. Reynolds and I talked for a good long while, learned a few interesting facts. Some things he spoke, others he didn’t but he practically shouted. Which one of, was, him having fugitives on board his ship, his medic being one of them. Apparently he’s a doctor from the Core that ran after rescuing his sister from a Blue Sun government funded academy. Most of which I learned on my own. He agreed to let him aboard to help, after figuring I didn’t care any that the kid was wanted… being that my ship for the most part is unofficially wanted by the feds. Lorrayna has never been witnessed breaking the Alliance’s law. But just about everybody knows we do it constantly; way more than Serenity and her crew I do believe.

Doranin was searched for salvageable goods, o’course. We didn’t find the sphere anywhere. And I’m guessing that’s what the raiding party was after, since it seems to be the only thing really missing. WHICH, hints to something else a bit more concerning. And I’ m thinking that the ship was raided by professionals. NOoo not professionals like me n’ mine, cause quite honestly that’s what we are, but purple-bellies professionals. If it had been any one else don’t cha think more things would have gone missing? Because come on, she had a whole bunch of useful things. Why wouldn’t anyone else take that? When they figured the whole crew was dead, most were, except the three. It had to be operatives, or others contracted out to the Alliance. And why in the gorram verse would the alliance hire operatives to steal this thing? Have so many questions my heads hurting. But, now, that … whatever it was in the kitchen earlier is making sense. I haven’t shared this yet with anyone, not Reynolds or my crew. I plan to, but after going over all the data I took from the Doranin’s data banks; might hint to something. And speaking with the men in my infirmary shall help too. Currently they aren’t awake yet.

We are heading to Paquin, to pick up those crew folks. Also I’m going to allow a bit of leave time; but not nearly as much as I was going to before. I was going to give a week, maybe two. But we defiantly aren’t done with the job. So, a few days tops. Going to try and track down the ship that took the sphere. Which means I’m going to be contacting General Marrs once planetside. Not really wanting to. But it would be my… our best bet. Captain Reynolds will be going with me. Also, we’ll be splitting the money from selling the salvage. And I’ll give them about half of what Sentinus promised in his Wave. Once the sphere is found I don’t know who’s taking it. But that will be settled then. Ohh, the Core doctor is still on board. Serenity left the Doranin before us heading for Paquin. And the surgeries on the men weren’t even near to finished. So he’s staying on ship until his Captain comes to get him. Also his sister is her to, apparently he looks after her, and Reynolds didn’t think it safe for her to be so far from him. So she’s here also. There is something kind of familiar about her. Don’t know what it is.

Alright I’m going to pass out. We’ll be getting to Paquin sooner than Serenity because we’re heading in full-burn. Cause I want that extra time to pick up the crew, supplies, and give folks an extra day or so to do whatever. I will have a briefing in the morning, after contacting Roland of course. Also have to talk to the men in the infirmary. Don’t know if they’ll be awake by then.

March 26th, 2008

Private paper journal @ 10:43 pm

Hidding place: Writing Desk
On the surface: curious
Sound keeping her stable: Humming of the Phoenix in full-burn

May 9th, 2518

Alright, so it seems my suspicions were correct. And I should have gotten more out of Roland; my fault really for not dong so. Lorrayna is set on full burn heading towards her destination, which is slightly off from her original one. But not nearly enough for me to actually feel good about helping cause it means it has something to do with the job. And I hate complications. Could be all chipper and say, hey I’m getting crew and shiny payment. But that doesn’t really help. And what if they don’t live long enough for us to retrieve them?

Yeah, I know you don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m mentally sighing because I’ve gotten a migraine. Oh the work that is captaining a ship. Alright so, I was on bridge duty because the already mentioned Ace in his buck resting up. And so after running those cortex scans of the three applicants I figured I’d noise around a bit. You know how I adore noising around. Gets me in trouble every single time. Well came across a wave, which I might have ignored cause it wasn’t on any certain secure channel and it wasn’t coded or anything. BUT… the man sending it was mentioning my name in particular. If I came across his wave… PLUS he was sending it out of the Burnham Quadrant. Now to my surprise I also recognized the man whom sent the wave; which does make me wonder why he didn’t code the transmission. Unless he didn’t even know I’d receive it then. But I want to know how come he’d known I would. Or was he just playing on a bit of hope.

Anyway the man’s name is Vladmir Sentinus, whom I know as a pirate from my uncle and grandfather’s day. He formed an underground faculty, Remington-6, it was outfitted to seem as a Mining Company on Silverhold. But really was and still is, far as I know, an underground gunship construction facility. A lot like the Marrs Estate facility. Although never been to Remington-6, might get a chance now. You know, if he is alive when we get there. His son is on board with him, Gregorio Sentinus. In most circles he is known as Blackwing or Angelofdeath. He is a supposed assassin of Alliance men. I’ve always thought he was just one of those stupid myths like, Keiser Sose, which was only up until a couple years ago when I found his name listed in the Alliance data base. The sort of warrant that doesn’t get posted on public feeds cause the purple-bellies want the capture to be unseen. Mostly to protect the lies that the alliance has told to hide the existence of in the first place; kind of basically the same list that I’m on and about a dozen other folks over the years. Ohh, and the more troublesome Reavers ships.

Anyway where was I? Ohh, the Wave. Was also one last man with Sentinus a Mr. Wheeler. Don’t have a first name. Although now that I’m looking at it, same sort of spelling as Ms. Tanis Wheeler that applied for the communication specialist’s position. I wonder if he’s any relation, kind of odd if he isn’t… or is. Verse being as big as it is. Don’t normally come across folks baring the same last name just out of the blue. Not normally.

The men were aboard a cargo ship when it got raided. The three are the only apparent survivors. I contacted Vladmir Sentinus directly after coming across his Wave. O’Course we’re going to help them. And not cause he’s offering over cashy money and the like. That makes the deal a bit shinier, but not my reasoning. Though doesn’t hurt too much for others to believe that. I’ve got this ice-cold reputation to keep, although Monica does that well enough for both of us. I’m just concerned it has to do with the job. I know it does. I’ve already notified the crew. We’ll be arriving in a few hours. Once I figure out the whole situation I’ll update.

Private paper journal @ 07:53 pm

Hidding place: Writing Desk
On the surface: cranky

May 8th, 2518

Miss Gwen didn’t think she needed proper clothing for yesterdays briefing. Sure it was a bit informal, being held in the Dinning hall and all. But at least putting on a pair of pants and a descent shirt would have been respectful. I had wanted food, hence the dinning hall, however it ended up taking Gwen forever to get it. She’s the one that wants to cook for the crew, yet any time she’s asked to make something she gets this little annoyed look on her face. Gorram girl… Some days I wonder where my Gwenny went. Aye, love her completely though but she’s wearing on the nerves sometimes.

Of course she isn’t the only one… Monica… If any of them is going to drive me completely out of my brainpan, it’s that woman. Apparently she tore a hand up, how, I still don’t know. She’s acting off. More than usual, gots all sorts of things wandering in her head; didn’t mean to hear none of it. Don’t want to. The stuff she keeps locked up could drive any body bonkers. So I don’t need her demons too. Don’t know how she keeps her sanity. Though that’s what I’m worried about currently. I’m having Dori keep a steady eye on Monica. I imagine the security officer has the wrong idea about me knowing her current thoughts; figures that Doc told me. She didn’t. You’d think Monica would have picked up on it by now. Guess she’s not the believing type.

Ace is a bit banged up to; took a tumble down his berth ladder. Guess it’s a good thing I got a reply to that co-pilot position. O’Course Ace could have always come to me sharing bridge duty. She is my girl after all; well you know what I mean. Don’t even really need a pilot sitting at the helm 24-7 anyway cause all her fancy systems. But, I prefer a human keeping an eye out; to make the kinds of judgments that a computer, even my Lorrayna, can’t. She’s as close to a person that anything technical can get, besides bots or droids… course most the Verse haven’t a clue to the really advanced ones. BUT Lorrayna still is not 100% human. Though, some humans don’t have a human heart. So really, the lines get a bit fussy on that there thought.

So yeah, I went and filled that request for new crew yesterday. Guess I just got so use to running with a skeleton crew that I didn’t really notice how much it’d be needed. But Monica had been asking about more hands for boarding parties and the like; and a Co-pilot for Ace. Defiantly could use a cargo master. I just got accustom to the quieter ship. But I got three replies. Going to meet with all of them before hiring of course and if I get a bad feeling, or something comes up in the cortex about the applicants, then won’t be hiring o’course.

Alexander Fai applied for co-pilot; which you know very useful, especially with my pilot in his quarters currently. Zorya Kolesnik applied for the ship hand position; AKA Monica’s security personal-boarding party request. And Tanis Wheeler applied for the Communications specialist which would be lovely to finally get. She sort of comes along with Ms. Kolesnik anyhow. So, works out very well. Though as a note, for a girl suppose to be schooled in language and speaking proper. She writes broken, like many Rim raised folks. Not that it’s a real problem. Just, writing proper words would be preferred. I’m sure the girl can. She’s just probably so use to not needing to?? Don’t know. I have no problem with Rim accents, broken speech or writing. But when communicating with other ships, I’d like somebody that can be understood clearly. If she’s hired I plan to teach her Morse code; would be lovely to have somebody else on ship that knows it. I’m going to run those personal scans later on tonight. The Gwenny and I had a bit o’fun last night. Monica was off somewhere, in her bunk I suppose. And so Gwen was drinking in her stead. She had a bit too much, but, couldn’t stop the girl. Plus was more than amusing, so really why would I had wanted to??

Please Respond if still interested in applied ship board job! [May 10th, 2518- 1AM] @ 06:17 pm

Hidding place: Logged into the Cortex
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Sound keeping her stable: Classical mix burned by Oddball

Private Messages sent to the following people Via their cortex journal accounts.

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January 15th, 2008

Cortex Journal- Public: We're a Bug House! @ 01:22 am

On the surface: drunk
Sound keeping her stable: Gwen attempting to sing... while drunk

May 8th, 2518

I seriously think my crew has caught a crazy-bug. But that's all right! I still got me the finest bunch of buggers this side of the 'verse.

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Cortex classifieds on Paquin [May 8th, 2518] @ 12:39 am

Hidding place: Logged into the Cortex
On the surface: working

Ship: Lorrayna Phenoix
Classification: Salvage
Captain: Emerald Storm
Looking for: Communications specialist, Requirements- Communication systems operation, at the least 4 spoken languages beyond English and Chinese, Morse code would be lovely, some technical engineering, a wide selection in computer and cortex skills. | Multiple 'Ship hands', Requirements- gun use, experience with unarmed and melee fighting, can take orders, would be useful if he/she has various other 'ship hand' skills. | Cargo Master, Requirements- Ability to count and keep charts, keeping track of incoming and outgoing cargo, bartering skills. | Co-Pilot, Requirements- Ability to fly mid-bulk transports and shuttles, aerial navigation, and astrogation.

All applicants will be reviewed by the ship's Captain and Security officer before hiring. Hiring includes a monthly salary, cut of ship's incoming gross of salvage sales, food and board. If interested please drop your name, experience, and any other useful information. Replies shall be screened and only viewable to Captain Storm. Any hired crew will be required to not have a problem with the means of acquiring salvage, or with traveling to all ends of the ‘verse where ever work shall takes us.

Zorya Kolesnik: Applying for Ship Hand )

Tanis Wheeler: Applying for Communications specialist )

Alexander Fai: Applying for Co-pilot )

Private paper journal @ 12:35 am

Hidding place: Writing Desk
On the surface: complacent
Sound keeping her stable: The annoying buzz in her ears

May 7th, 2518

Roland contacted me early this morning about a job of sorts. It’s been long time since I spoke with him. I was awfully surprised, I mean hell the crew know of him because I sign us on to doing jobs for him every so often. But he wasn’t just waving me to talk business. Though I imagine that’s what he was wanting all the while, trying to sweet talk me first. Thinking I still held a grudge about that thing he tried doing. Don’t hold grudges for that sort of thing. Although if it had to do with little old Lorrayna Phoenix, or my crew that would have been a different story.

But we talked civil enough, though he did call me a selfish little princess, and then he went into saying that’s why he needed me for this thing he needed done. Not that he wanted me to do it, that he needed me to do it. Was saying nobody else he knew had the edge to pull it off. Maybe he was just trying to get my attention. Though I’m thinking now maybe something a little more to this than just snaggling some chest from a ship, it’s an Alliance contracted ship. So I ain’t sure if she has weapons on her, if she do then I’m anticipating a shootout between us two. Which is fine by me, makes the taking of the thing a little sweeter. I know my ship has the best shielding, and some of the finest heavy weapon marksmen. Gwen and Oddball have taken out some Alliance Gun ships in our past so I know that it isn’t an issue.

He told me the thing we be taking is in a wooden chest, and most likely would be heavily guarded. I tried getting out of him what it was, and the only thing he would say was once we get it safely to him, and he sells it to those that came to him requesting it be found. Then we would be sitting awfully nicely. Told him it sounded dangerous, and not even like our normal danger so he offered up to pay us for taking it and delivering it, and then we’d get our cut from the selling of the thing.

Now usually I don’t care what it is that folks want me stealing for them. Normally I don’t look or peek if in they seem to care about keeping it a secret. But my curiosity has me here on this one, so I imagine when we get our hands on it, I’ll be looking at what it is we be risking our lives for. Not that I’m going to cross Roland and sell it for myself. If one thing I do, it’s keeping my word once I make a deal. Unless I’m crossed first, then anything is game.

Ooc Mention @ 12:30 am

Hidding place: Mun's brainpan
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This journal will be is used for [info]_burntheland_. If you want to join Miss Storm, please go to [info]tehsignal. All application and game info is in that journal. All entries found in here shall be hand written journal entires being kept in game by Emerald; in a big brown leather bound book with an ancient quill and black ink writing method. Any replies would be in-game by any of the other characters actually writing in it. If you want to plot that... that's fine just make sure we figure out how the other character got a hold of the journal, and what was used to write in it. Of course the captain-lady will be furious but it's still plot-able if you want.

Also does keep an interconnected cortex journal. However thats more or less for amusement. She doesn't put anything important in it. But she does like to comment in her crews' journals so she mantains one for herself.

That'd be it,
Amy- AKA Emerald's Mun

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